With 75 vegetarian and vegan recipes, Just a Dash delivers a comprehensive look into North Indian home-cooking with a personal touch from our mother.

As a second generation Indian-American, Neeti Singhal, recounts trying to learn to cook from her mother, a brilliant home chef who never measured an ingredient in her life. With no concept of what a dash of one spice versus another could do to impact flavors, Neeti struggled to recreate the dishes of her childhood. Years later, she has painstakingly documented each measurement and brought her family’s home recipes to the public. This cookbook brings structure to the flavors Neeti and her brothers grew up with, providing plenty of background information about North Indian ingredients, cooking methodologies and dish pairings. With simple instructions, beautiful pictures of each recipe, and plenty of plant-based options and alternatives, Neeti helps bring every recipe to life in your own home. Whether you’re an experienced Indian chef or a novice Indian-food aficionado, Just a Dash has something for all!